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Find your perfect home in the Phoenix / Scottsdale area with The Bloohound Realty Group! Find the perfect neighborhood in the Phoenix / Scottsdale area with The Bloohound Realty Group! Homes in the Phoenix / Scottdale area served by feature dramatic floorplans. To complete the experience of owning an Arizona home, can help you find a great house in the Phoenix / Scottsdale area with a great pool like ths one!
Sell your home on your schedule at your price with Buy a home with the expert advice and negotiating skills of Invest in an income property with, saving time, aggravation and money. Relocate to The Valley of the Sun. makes it easy. Homes currently listed by Visit our news pages for real estate news and views. Meet the people behind and discover what we stand for.
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Who we are and
what we're all about...

Click here for 10 unique Bloodhound is a team of Metropolitan Phoenix/
Scottsdale real estate professionals working together to rewrite the rules of real estate sales and service. We combine a high-tech sensibility with high-touch sensitivity – an excitement for the modern with a reverence for enduring values. The internet, surely, is the second best tool a Realtor can deploy – and we use the internet better than any of our competitors. But the best tool – always – is integrity, and without integrity there is nothing.

We believe in clear, detailed, complete communication – and who could doubt that after reading this web site! Where other Realtors hope to dazzle you with pretty pictures, we bend over backward to tell you the whole, unvarnished truth about real estate transactions – how they succeed and why they sometimes fail. It can be a comfort, at times, to 'leave it to the experts'. But real estate decisions can have very costly, life-long consequences. If you want to know every detail about your transaction, we're here to share it.

Our passion is to do the best we can do, to find the best house at the best price, to find the best-qualified buyer for your home, to negotiate the best terms, to help our clients reach the best decisions, making the best possible investment. We're not about doing deals, we're about forging relationships. We want for you, as our client, to be so delighted by our efforts that you cannot conceive of working with another Realtor.

Above all, we are about family – yours and ours. And while we might be a small business, there is nothing small – or small-time or small-minded – in the way we do business. We want to be your Realtor for life. We will do everything we can to make that happen.

Who is whom?

Greg Swann, ABR, CBR, CRS, E-Pro, GRI, is a Realtor and the Designated Broker for He is an Accredited Buyer's Representative, a Certified Buyer's Representative, a Certified Residential Specialist, an E-Pro Internet Certified Realtor and a Graduate of the Realtor Institute. He speaks frequently on real estate issues and writes a weekly column for West Valley sections of the Arizona Republic. Greg spent many years in hi-tech print and direct-mail advertising production and web-site development before becoming a Realtor. He is a mumbling Latinist, a stumbling applications programmer and a bumbling poet.

Cathleen Collins, GRI, in addition to being a first-rate Realtor, is our transaction coordinator. She keeps the schedules and verifies the details, making sure that transactions close when and as planned. She holds the Graduate of the Realtor Institute designation and is working toward the Certified Residential Specialist and Accredited Buyer's Representative designations. Cathleen's first career was in financial technology, putting Bloodhound at the technical cutting edge. She devotes most of her spare time and all of her spare money to rescuing unwanted animals – including our Spokesmodel, Odysseus.

Our son Cameron Swann is our programmer. Working primarily in the PHP programming language, his software produces many of the web pages a site like this requires. Cameron is a full-time student, an incipient Saint Mary's Knight.

Odysseus the Spokesmodel is the Bloodhound behind He is the model for our advertising, but also the model for our behavior: Devoted. Dedicated. Determined. He is one of thirteen adopted animals in our home, but he's the only one who pays his own way. Click here for a Glamour Shot of Odysseus the Spokesmodel.

Our valued partners

A real estate transaction is a complicated process drawing upon the talents of many dedicated professionals. While the choice of whom to employ is always yours, these are some people we have had great success working with in the past:

Mortgage lender:
Logan Hall
SallieMae Home Loans

Escrow agent and title insurer:
Fidelity National Title Insurance

Home warranty insurer:
Jennifer Brown
Old Republic Home Warranty
800-445-6999 x1264

Home inspector:
Mike Elsberry
Premier Inspectors of America


Wood inspector:
Mark Deermer
Pest Control Solutions


What does it all mean?

We're not a one-man band. Inside, Greg Swann and Cathleen Collins bring a broad array of business and technical skills to the table, along with years of practical business experience. Our Partners add their talents – and we only work with the most talented professionals. Together we form a team committed to excellence. Devoted to perfect performance. Dedicated to your interests. Determined to succeed. Absolutely everything we do is devised to exceed the standards that have obtained, until now, in the real estate industry. With every atom of everything we produce, we seek to convey that we are not the same old thing. It is not just our goal, it is our plan and intention to be your Realtor for life...

Ready to get started right now?

You can make an appointment to meet in your home or our offices. Or you can request a Comparative Market Analysis of your home's value. You can fill out our detailed questionnaire to find your ideal new home. Or you can just pick up the phone and dial 602-740-7531. (Outside of Arizona? Dial 1-800-508-5430.) Either way, we're at your command, devoutly loyal, smart, frisky and eager to please...

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Success Stories...

"Greg Swann helped me buy my first house in Phoenix in 2005. He was fantastic, leading me - then a first time home buyer - through the buying process when the Phoenix market was very hot.
     Greg and Cathleen sold that house for me in 2007 (when the Phoenix market was starting to decline). Mine was the last home to sell in that neighborhood before the market went into free fall. It was all because of their help: they supervised repairs, staged it, and sold it for more than I paid for it. They are fantastic.
     I recommend anyone buying or selling in Phoenix to use them. Very professional, very thorough, excellent either on the buying and selling side." – Damon C

"If it were the beginning of the 20th century, and you wanted to get from here to there, would you give a listen to a guy named Ford trying to sell you a Model T instead of that year's latest, greatest buggy on wheels?
     What Ford did for automobiles, Greg Swann of is doing for real estate. Reinventing the idea. Using the latest technology. And creating a truly new and better, practical and "duh!"-obvious way to get from here to there.
     If you are selling, you'll get a higher price. And a quicker sale. If you are buying, you'll get better property for your money. And you won't spend the first night in your new house awake sick with regret in a cold sweat over what you just did.
     Now there are a few things to know before you visit You'll immediately notice nobody is doing real estate this way. Given the stakes involved, it's only natural to wonder why. So you have to do a little reading. You need to check out Bloodhound's common sense methods against your own experience. And you should pay close attention to the documented and verifiable results Bloodhound gets. Un-fudge-able facts like average days on market. Percentage of asking price attained. Sold-for versus appraisal.
     If you are like most, at some point you just won't care why everyone else in real estate doesn't get it. You'll just want to use all the cards Bloodhound puts in your hand to win every pot in this particular game of real estate poker.
     Of course there is the anxiety of being first and among the vanguard. Traditional brokers will tut-tut you and say "now-now, this is not how real estate works around here." And skeptical neighbors and friends may raise doubts by calling Bloodhound "a little gimmicky." Or "too risky." Or "untested."
     Right, just like that thing Henry invented.
     The fact that the rest of the real estate industry hasn't yet caught on creates an overwhelming asymmetry that so favors's clients--you--that it's actually unfair. It's like that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark--YOU are the one bringing a gun to a knife fight.
     This advantage will not last. Eventually realtors will get up to speed and move to the Model T. But they haven't yet. And in the meantime, has built something closer to a Lamborghini. Hop in. The road ahead is free and clear." – Richard R

"We would just like to tell you how much we appreciate all the hard work you have done on our behalf. You have helped to make this an easy transaction that was a good learning experience and efficient as well. We will definitely refer anyone we know who is looking to buy in Phoenix. Thank you again for all your help. We look forward to seeing you again the next time we are in town." – Brian and Kristen M.

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or submit your own success story.

Our Valued Partners

Mortgage lender:
Logan Hall
Sallie Mae Home Loans

Title insurer:
Fidelity National Title Insurance

Home warranty insurer:
Old Republic Home Warranty

Home inspector:
Premier Inspectors of America

Wood inspector:
Pest Control Solutions

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